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What Are The Automotive Temperature Sensors
Mar 08, 2018

The temperature sensor is mainly used to detect the temperature of the engine, the temperature of the inhalation gas, the temperature of the cooling water, the temperature of the fuel and the temperature of the catalyst. The three main types of temperature sensor are wired resistance type, thermistor type and thermocouple resistance type. The three types of sensors have their own characteristics, and their applications are also slightly different.

The precision of the wire wound resistance temperature sensor is high, but the response characteristic is poor.

The thermistor temperature sensor has high sensitivity and good response characteristics, but its linearity is low, and the temperature is low.

The thermocouple temperature sensor has high precision and wide range of temperature, but it needs to be used in conjunction with the amplifier and cold end processing.

Already practicalproduct has thermistor temperature sensor (universal -50 to 130 DEG C, 1.5% accuracy, response time of 10ms; high temperature 600 to 1000 DEG C, 5% accuracy, response time of 10ms), iron oxide type temperature sensor (type ON/OFF, -40 to 120 DEG C, accuracy 2%), or metal the semiconductor film air temperature sensor (-40 to 150 DEG C, the accuracy of 2% and 5%, the response time of 20ms).