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The Role Of Automobile Fuel System
Mar 08, 2018

The automotive fuel system includes fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel buffer, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, fuel injector, thermostat switch and cold start valve (cold start fuel injector) and other components. The functions of each component are as follows:

1) fuel tank (gasoline tank) - storage fuel.

2) fuel pump (electric gasoline pump) -- its function is to pump fuel from fuel tank to fuel line and keep fuel pressure at a certain level, and then pass it to fuel injector and cold start valve through filter.

According to its installation position, the fuel pump is divided into two external and internal pumps. The external pump will be installed in the oil pipeline outside the tank. The pump is installed in the fuel tank. Compared with the external loading pump, it is not easy to produce gas resistance and fuel leakage, and the noise is small. At present, most EFI adopts internal loading pump.

3) fuel buffer - also known as pulsating dampers. The function is to make the oil pressure of the oil pump pump smooth, reduce the pumping pressure fluctuation and reduce the noise.

4) fuel pressure regulator, a pressure regulator installed in the oil way, keeps the fuel pressure relative to the human pressure or the intake pipe negative pressure, that is to say, the difference between injection pressure and injection pressure is constant. This pressure difference is generally maintained at 250kPa. When the oil pressure exceeds the specified value, the pressure relief valve in the pressure regulator opens, and the gasoline passes back to the oil tank through the return pipe, so that the oil pressure of the oil pipeline keeps constant.

5) the fuel filter, which is installed in the oil way between the fuel retarding device and the injector, plays the role of removing pollutants such as water and impurities in the fuel, so as not to jam the valve of the injector.

6) injector - injector installed in door air at the solar term population (SPI) or near the intake manifold of each cylinder near the intake valve (MPI), controlled by the electronic control fuel injection signal, determines the amount of fuel injection from the injector is energized the length of time, and the amount of fuel oil spray intake manifold.

The fuel injection principle of fuel injector is that the injection current signal is sent from the electric controller to the electric current, and the current flows through the electromagnetic coil to generate electromagnetic attraction. The suction attracts the core, because the needle valve is integrated with the core, so the time valve is opened, and the fuel is ejected from the fuel injector.

7) the role of the temperature and time switch and the cold start valve (cold start injector) is to monitor the temperature of the cooling water. When the engine starts and the cooling water temperature is low 114C, the contacts of the switches are closed, and the cold start valve is injected. The function of the cold start valve is to spray extra fuel into the intake manifold in cold start engine to improve the starting performance at low temperature. Many cars have cancelled the time switch, and the work of the cold start injector is completely controlled by ECU, and the control precision is higher.