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Sensor Manufacturing Process Classification
Mar 08, 2018

There are four main manufacturing processes in modern times, which are integrated sensors, thin film sensors, thick film sensors and ceramic sensors.

1. Integrated sensor

The production process of the integrated sensor is basically the same as the production standard silicon based semiconductor integrated circuit technology. After integrated manufacturing, sensors can get smaller volume and integrate more functions. Some integrated sensors can have some processing functions to process the measured signals.

2, thin film sensor

The manufacture of thin film sensor involves advanced technology such as nanometer. The method of making thin film sensor is to form a thin film with sensitive material on the dielectric substrate or substrate. The film sensors can also be combined with a number of circuit systems, which need to be used in the mixing process.

3, thick film sensor

The thick film sensor corresponds to the thin film sensor, and is also made on the substrate to form film. The difference is that thick film sensor is coated on the substrate made of ceramic and sensitive material. The thick film sensor is mostly made of alumina. After the coating is formed, heat treatment is made, so the thick film can be formed.

4, ceramic sensor

Application of ceramic sensor new technology and traditional materials, ceramic materials used in ceramic fine ceramic sensor is also known as high-tech ceramics, ceramic sensor is mainly relying on standard ceramic sol process or variants, after the completion of the appropriate pre operation preparation, forming components are sintered at high temperature in.

There are many similarities between sensor manufacturing process and thick film sensor and ceramic sensor production process. Therefore, thick film sensor manufacturing process can be understood as a deformation of ceramic sensor manufacturing process. There are no definite advantages and disadvantages between various manufacturing processes of sensors, each manufacturing process has its own advantages and disadvantages, but at present, thick film and ceramic technology is applied more widely.