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Condenser Classification Of Several?
Mar 08, 2018

The condenser is the radiator of the automobile which belongs to the air conditioner. The main function is to refrigerate the high temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant discharged from the air conditioning compressor into a normal liquid refrigerant, and then expelled it into a low temperature gaseous refrigerant through the expansion valve, and then evaporates and absorbs heat. The condenser manufacturer divides the condenser into the following four categories.

The water cooling type: in this type of condenser, refrigerant heat taken away by cooling water, the cooling water can be disposable, can also be recycled, water cooled condenser according to their different structure types can be divided into vertical shell and tube type, multiple horizontal shell and tube type and extension type etc..

The air cooling type: in this type of condenser, refrigerant release heat by air, air can be natural convection, can also use the fan forced flow, this type of condenser for freon refrigeration device in the water supply inconvenient or difficult places.

The water air cooling type: in this type of condenser, refrigerant by both water and air cooling, but mainly rely on the cooling water on the surface of the heat pipe evaporation, absorb a lot of heat from the refrigerant side as the latent heat of water, air, the main role is to accelerate the evaporation of water and water vapor. So this kind of condenser water consumption few, for air drying, low temperature and water abundant area is the preferred type condenser, the condenser according to its structure is different and can be divided into evaporation type and spray type two.

The evaporation condensation type refrigerant steam in this type of condenser system depends on the cooling effect of a refrigerant in a refrigeration system produced by the evaporation of the other side of the wall to the cooling heat transfer, promote the condensation liquefaction, such as cascade refrigeration machine in the evaporative condenser is.