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Brake Master Cylinder
Jun 23, 2018
The brake master cylinder is a one-way acting piston type hydraulic cylinder whose role is to convert the mechanical energy input by the pedal mechanism into hydraulic energy. The brake master cylinder is divided into two types: single-chamber and double-chamber, which are used for single-loop and double-loop hydraulic brake systems. In order to improve the safety of motor vehicles, according to the requirements of traffic regulations, the vehicle's service brake system now uses a dual-circuit brake system, which is composed of a tandem double-chamber master cylinder (a single-chamber brake master cylinder has been eliminated) Dual-circuit hydraulic braking system. At present, almost all servo-brake systems or dynamic brake systems employ dual-circuit hydraulic brake systems. However, in some miniature or light vehicles, in order to make the structure simple, some models use tandem double-cylinder brake master cylinder to form dual-circuit human hydraulic brake, in the case of brake pedal force does not exceed the driver's physical strength range. system.