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A Method To Judge The Quality Of A Car Oxygen Sensor
Mar 08, 2018

1. observation method

Already published here too, mainly to see the color of the oxygen sensor, oxygen sensor is the judgment method of the venue to observe the color of the judgment by the oxygen sensor is good or bad

2. measuring the resistance of oxygen sensor

Pull the sensor plug and measure whether the resistance of the two lines is in the right range (usually about 3, 5 ohms) as normal.

3. auto computer inspecting instrument

Need a car, the car, the temperature reached 80 degrees, check the computer detection voltage instrument oxygen sensor value will continue to change in the frequency of 0v-1v, faster, better sensor.

If the voltage is 0V or 1V, or does not change to indicate that the sensor is aging, or the work is bad, it needs to be replaced.