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Mastering three methods to easily identify the true and false auto parts
Mar 08, 2018

In the continuous development of the society at the same time, but also created some bad atmosphere, that is fraud rampant, no matter in all walks of life are confused, in the eyes of everyone to bring consumers a lot of problems, but it is true, false is false, is always beyond, its par. The same is true for the auto parts market, some manufacturers in the production of fake materials and technology to reduce the manufacturing cost, to seek greater benefits, but as long as careful observation can identify the automobile radiator, condenser, water tank and other parts of the authenticity, so everyone in the choice must be carefully. If the choice is not very experience, then we will look at the car parts to identify the true and false method.

First, look at the package marks: the packaging of genuine parts is generally more standardized. The packages, boxes, bags are marked with product names, specifications, models, quantities, registered trademarks, factory names, factory locations and telephone numbers. The counterfeit product packaging printing color overprint is relatively poor, the color is dim, the color edge is not clear. The paper packaging of some imported parts is made of environmentally friendly recycled materials, which is very special.

Then look at the appearance quality of accessories: some genuine accessories in some specified surface color, other colors, is fake and inferior fittings. See parts surface have no rust, qualified parts with face with certain precision and polished finish, the more important parts, precision is high; if the parts with surface wear marks, or paint painting accessories through the surface and found the old paint, many waste camouflage.

Secondly, look at paint painting: the counterfeiters will waste the spare parts through simple processing, such as dismantling, assembling, spelling, collecting, painting and so on, and then impersonating qualified products for sale. Like cylinder type shock absorber and clutch face assembly, if the surface paint is not smooth, even some small pimple, must be the refurbishment.