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How long does the brake system maintain
Mar 08, 2018

The brake system is related to the heavy weight of the traffic safety. What parts are the brake systems divided into? How long will it be maintained? How should daily maintenance be used to prolong service life?

The importance of the brake system is not to be exhausted. It should not only be timed and maintained according to the time required for the maintenance manual, the mileage, but also in the daily life. The brake system is a very complex part of the car. We don't need to know the details about the spare parts and the working principle. We need to master the main parts, consumables and daily knowledge. The following details of the use of the brake system parts, replacement time limit and fault discrimination and so on.

1. Brake pads. The brake pad is a part of high changing frequency, and it also plays a very important role in changing the feeling of driving. The general situation needs to replace the brake pad for every thirty thousand kilometers, but in real life, you need to refer to your daily driving environment, driver's driving habits, and so on. If you live in a hilly area, or you have a habit of overtaking and frequently stepping on the brakes, you need to change a brake pad about ten thousand kilometers.

Is there a hard index to be referenced when the brake pad needs to be replaced? In general, the computer of the middle and high grade cars will be prompted. When you find that the dashboard needs to change the brake disc, it will be possible to replace it as soon as possible.

There is also a more intuitive way to detect the thickness of the brake disc. The thickness of the new brake pad is about one point five centimeters. When you find that the brake pad wears only 1/3 times, or you feel the brake foot is soft and the brake distance is obviously longer than expected, there is a significant difference between the brake pad and the new car, so the brake pad should be replaced.

Two. Brake disc. Car owners look through the maintenance manual, and there will be no items on the brake disc in daily maintenance, because if the brake disc is generally available for life. There are a lot of rookie will brake disc brake is mistaken for the replacement, in fact, is a waste of money.

The service life of the brake disc is very long, but it also needs the correct methods of daily maintenance. For example, if you have just finished driving at high speed, the brake system, including the brake disc, is still at a high temperature. Please do not wash the car at once. Thermal expansion and cold contraction will shorten the service life of the brake disc. In addition, please do not apply the lubricating product on the brake disc, which will cause the brake failure.

Three. Brake fluid. When you purchase your car, the attached instructions clearly indicate the replacement period of the brake fluid in the brake system, usually forty thousand years or two kilometers.

Because the brake fluid has an obvious effect on the brake effect, it is recommended to replace the products with higher quality. In general, vehicle repair shops use manual replacement of brake fluid instead of special machine hygiene. Therefore, it is recommended that you complete the replacement of brake fluid in 4S shop, or try to choose repair shops with brake fluid to replace machines.