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Five aspects to be noticed in the correct use of the temperature sensor
Mar 08, 2018

The highest precision thermocouple sensor in the development of economy, the best products, so it has become the current US in the use of temperature sensor in a most extensive type, the direct measurement of the temperature, and the temperature signal into the thermoelectric signal through the electrical meter (two meter) converted into the medium temperature. Five aspects to be noticed in the correct use of the temperature sensor

In order to improve the accuracy of measurement, reduce the measurement error and prolong the service life of thermocouples, users are required not only to have instrument operation skills, but also to have knowledge of physics, chemistry and materials. On the basis of many years of practice and referring to relevant information, the author introduces the measurement errors and matters of attention in the thermocouple in detail. In the process of using thermocouples, the following issues should be paid attention to:

1. The division number of the thermocouple must be in accordance with the thermocouple required by the temperature measurement and control instrument.

2, the position of the thermocouple should be installed as far as possible to avoid the strong electric magnetic field and avoid the high-power supply line so as to avoid the introduction of an additional disturbance signal.

3, reasonable selection of thermocouple outer casing material, the size of the diameter, to ensure that there is enough strength, and to adapt to the ambient atmosphere. The surface of the coat tube should be kept clean, and the surface stain will increase the thermal resistance, and the measurement temperature will be lower than the actual temperature.

4, the thermocouple can not work at the maximum allowable temperature for a long time, otherwise it will cause the change of the thermocouple material, which leads to the increase of the measurement error. In order to reduce the thermal inertia of the thermocouple at low temperature, a bottom type or an outcrop type thermocouple can be used.

5, check the electrode and outer casing regularly. If the phenomenon of local diameter is thinner or the surface of the outer pipe is seriously corroded, it should be stopped and replace the new thermocouple. After the thermocouple is damaged, the damaged end can be removed, or the measuring end is adjusted to the reference end, and it can be re welded. After the check, it can continue to be used.

The above is a few aspects that we need to pay attention to for the correct use of thermocouples, which is summed up by you. I hope it will help you in the future.