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car maintenance and maintenance knowledge
Oct 17, 2018

What are the car maintenance and maintenance knowledge and maintenance cycle items?

Main answer

The routine maintenance items mainly include oil and oil filter, air filter, gasoline filter and pollen filter replacement, spark plug maintenance/replacement, transmission oil and other related system inspection items and maintenance.

1. The replacement of oil and oil filter is mainly for the maintenance of the lubrication system. The main function of the lubrication system is to effectively lubricate the various components of the car engine to prevent excessive wear. The oil filter function is to remove various impurities in the oil to ensure the normal lubrication system. The oil filter should be replaced with the oil when changing the oil. Under normal circumstances, the car needs to be serviced once every 5000KM.

2. The function of the air filter is to filter the air before it enters the cylinder to remove foreign matter such as impurities, dust and sand entrained therein. Cleaning and maintenance of the air filter depends on the environment in which it is used. Gasoline filters are generally replaced when driving to 20000-25000KM.

3. The spark plug is a consumable part, and it is replaced every 20,000KM. In addition, brake fluid, transmission oil, battery, throttle, fuel injector, brake pads and other components are subject to inspection during routine maintenance and maintenance and maintenance are performed depending on the application.